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How To Make Living With Your Significant Other Sexy AF

Living with your significant other may seem like a dream…until you realize it can get awkward. Here’s how to keep it sexy AF no matter what happens.

My boyfriend and I moved in quickly after about 8 months of dating. We were sleeping at each other’s places almost every night and it only made sense to take the next big step in our relationship. We both decided it was time to take that next step everyone talks about: living with your significant other.

After some time, we quickly realized that moving in together changed our relationship a bit. While living together, most couples get too comfy and all sexiness is thrown out the window – I can definitely relate. Here are some tips to keep the flame burning ALL night long.

1. Be Playful, He likes this!

Ladies, you definitely don’t want to be considered that boring GF. Living together can get monotonous after a while and you have to find new ways to have fun. Be playful with your lover! One of my favorite things to do is plan nerf gun wars around the house. Make it interesting by creating rules like, “whoever loses has to do whatever the other wants…in bed.” This will make living with your significant other much more exciting and sexy.

2. Cook Together

Doing things together builds teamwork and as a couple, you need to work as a team to accomplish most things. Two of my favorite things to do together is showering and cooking. I mean, you are saving the environment, your water bill, and you now have someone to scrub that part of your back that you can’t. Put some music on, throw on a cute apron (only an apron) and get cooking. Someone once told me that my sandwich was “made with love.” Now you can make dinner together “with love” by making love in the kitchen!

3. Marathon Sex Weeks

This is where our spark all started. Living with your significant other can ruin the spark you used to have from not seeing each other very often. You’ll end up not being in “the mood”. Well, guess what? You’ll need to have sex anyways. One way to get that libido back up where it used to be when you first started dating is to have a marathon sex week. This is done one week out of each month and you have sex every single day! Yes, every day! Not only does it build the excitement during the others weeks of the month, but you’ll get in the mood for sex much easier.

It has been about seven months since we officially lived together and we both look forward to coming home every day. All in all, if you’re living with your significant other, you have to be sure to keep things exciting, fresh, and sexy AF in order to make the relationship last.


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