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Make Valentines Day Sexy

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

My Favorite holiday is right around the corner!

I LOVE valentine’s day because one, everything is pink and red which are one of my favorite colors and love is in the air everywhere! Even though I have been dumped twice on valentines day, when I was single I learned to love valentine’s day. Yes, I know it’s not a “real” holiday- but it’s a day to remember to show your love to your loved ones and not dwel on the fact you don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s a day to spoil yourself! Girl go get your nails done, do that bubble bath you have been wanting to always do and light some candles. I think we always need to do some ME time to relax and rejuvenate.

If you are single, taken or the famous “it’s complicated” make sure you set some time aside for yourself!

@Yandy makes me feel like a whole new woman. Wearing their lingered or sexy pajamas can totally make your confidence go up! They are also super cozy and can wear them for any night not just vday. This velvet two piece is the perfect set to cook dinner in or go to bed in. It is cute and sexy. My favorite part is that the top is not a “bra” it’s more of a crop top that you can walk around the house in.

This year, is our first year as an engaged couple! We rarely see each other on holidays so we typically spend valentine’s day before the 14th. Which is way better! I hate going out to an overcrowded and over price dinner for vday. There isn’t really anything romantic about that.

My favorite thing to do is cook at home, cuddle and binge watch our favorite shows/movies while eating chocolate! It’s a more intimate setting and you actually talk and spend more time together. We love our Netflix channels. This year we are totally “Netflixing and chilling.” Maybe not so much of the “Netflix” part.

I can LIVE in my @yandy robe, it's a romper! How cute is that! I love rompers and now I can cuddle with jb in the comfiest robe. Who needs extra blankets when you have a silky robe. He loves it too!

Wishing you all a very special Vday! If you are spending it with yourself, a significant other or even your family. Don’t forget to show how much you love those who matter most in your life.

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