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How He Asked- Finally Engaged

The longest love story ever.......

Jb & Autumn first met when they were about ten years old at Lampost Pizza Parlor in La Mirada, California as she was on his little sister’s softball team.

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As they got older, they dated online (aim) in seventh grade for about two weeks but stayed friends.  Eventually the two went to high school together. They stayed good friends and continued to hang out. She would go to his football games and cheer him on with his football number painted on her cheek.  JR year of high school, Jb & Autumn tried casually dating again. He took drama class to be in the same class as her. Their first date was at Berry Cool Yogurt as they both had an obsessed with green tea yogurt. Their first kiss was in their high school hallways. Long story short, they decided to just be friends... again…. And they made sure to save a dance with one another at their high school jr year prom. The end of senior year, Autumn wrote in his senior year book, "I will marry Autumn Rodriguez one day, love Autumn" as a joke because they still always flirted with one another.

Five years later, after college the two reconnected. It was love at first sight all over again as they finally shared their first real kiss and talked about their real feelings towards one another. They did not waste any time this time around. (third times a charm, right?)  Within a month, Jb picked Autumn up from LAX after a business trip, picked up fat burritos, drove to the beach with flowers, a suit, candles and finally asked her to be his girlfriend. They moved in after about eight months of dating. 

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Every year, the two write down their new year’s resolution/goals for the year. 2018, JB wrote get engaged. As the new year was approaching, Jb was putting off writing the new 2019 goals.

Three years later, on December 30th 2018, one of Autumns best friend who is an elopement/engagement photographer asked the couple to help her out to create more content for her.  That day, Autumn, her sisters and her mother went to breakfast and got their nails done.

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Around three o'clock, Autumn and Jb drove down the coast blasting & singing 2000 throwback pop songs. They picked up her photographer friend and headed down to Victoria Beach in Laguna Beach, California. Jb has always called Autumn his princess and every heartbreak she had when they were friends Jb comforted her by saying that her knight and shining armor would come one day. Victoria beach has an old castle/pirate tower which made the perfect setting. As the waves crashed against the rocks and the sun was setting, Jb kissed Autumn and told her, "There is still one goal left to check off of our 2018 resolutions" and she knew that after seventeen years of knowing her childhood crush the moment was finally happening. He dropped down to one knee and asked, "will you marry me" Autumns response was, "what else?" After some back and forth laughs and him being on his knee for a good three min she finally said, "duh!"

@allisoncarolcreatives photography

@allisoncarolcreatives photography

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