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3 Reasons He Hasn't Proposed Yet

You are so sure you've found "the one" but, have you? While there are countless reasons why your partner has yet to propose these are the top three reasons why he just wants to be your boyfriend forever... but uh huh ladies... let's fix that!

So maybe you've been dating for a year, two or some of my friends TEN freaking years!

It crosses almost every girls mind, "so when is he going to propose?" I mean, we all have that one imaginary "wedding" Pinterest board, don't lie. I even put my name under "wifey" in Jbs phone when we first started dating.

After being in a long relationship, a lot of us assume you HAVE to get married and thats the next step. Everyone else is getting engaged from high school so why hasn't he proposed yet? Do I ask him? How do I bring it up? This is exactly what I thought when I was with my ex. I thought I had a timeline and I was behind on this so called timeline because I compared myself to other relationships. Thank goodness my ex always ignored the question when I asked what was our next step in our relationship because I could've took it too far for the wrong reasons.

Don't get me wrong... Not all of us are obsessing over getting married or frustrated he hasn't proposed yet. There are a lot of us woman that can wait while others need that validation that he will propose.

I deffitnetly think social media does have a huge role in this as well. Especially when your feed is proposal after proposal after wedding after baby.... It could bring you down, COULD.

And the bigger the proposal on instagram the more amazing your life is... Everything is so over the top these days and I strongly believe that does NOT validate your happiness. Don't rely on a wedding or proposal to make you happy.

With that being said, here are my top three reasons why he hasn't proposed.

1. He wants to be "financially" stable

Have you ever heard a man say "I just want to be financially stable so I can take care of you." GIRL NO! First of all, take care of your own damn self. I was always taught to make sure you are stable on your own without a man. I do however agree and disagree with him waiting to be financially stable. If you know he/she is the "The One" then why wait? Life is too short and you never know what could happen. On the other hand, it's great that he wants to have his career figured out and be financially stable. He will have more of a clearer head and ready to commit especially with being financially ready. A lot of men feel more like a "man" when they can take care of their women. I do think is a great idea to also wait and let him reach his ultimate goals of his dream career and having that savings account. There's a lot of pressure in society (or at least in the past there has been) for a man to be the breadwinner... OR he's simply saving for a ring. He wants to make sure you "get the ring you deserve" right JB? ;)

A happy wife happy life also goes for a happy hubby keeps it loveyyyy! This is deffinetly a huge topic you two should talk about in the beginning of your relationship. Write your financial goals down together.

2. He's comfortable

A lot of men get very comfy in a relationship and they're scared of changing anything in the relationship. Why change things in your relationship when everything is great?

I mean none of his "bro's" are married nor engaged so he doesn't need to rush anything.

OR he's thinking that life is too good right now, being engaged will just complicate things plus marriage means less sex and the sexiness is gone. Which is not true... It's up to you and your relationship to make it work and make it work in a way you want too.

3. He is an over thinker & just doesn't know how?

He could have a past of bad experiences. Maybe he had trust issues in relationships or he grew up around bad marriages. He has a fear of committing because the term "a life time" scares him. He hasn't really thought about it or how to do it. He doesn't want to settle down because he thinks he will loose his "freedom" of guy time and then worrying about having kids as soon as possible.

So ladies, breathe.... I have one huge take away from my personal experiences. Stop focusing on the idea of getting married as something that needs to happen asap just because you think the time is right. Both of your opinions are valid and need to be shared with one another. Put all your energy on the time you spend together and growing your relationship to be even stronger and positive. I promise this will raise your chances of him getting down on one knee and saying those four special words...

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