Born and raise in La Mirada, California.  Autumn had always had a passion for fashion and entrepreneurship. Her first business was at the age of 16 and bought her first car in cash. 


In high school, she was scouted but gave up two athletic scholarships to focus on a career in fashion. In 2013, she received a Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Management while she worked full time and had two internships. She worked for a well known Public Relations house in Beverly Hills, Produced Fashion Shows for LAFW & OCFW, an event coordinator for a clothing brand as well as Personal Styling for Nordstrom. 


She landed her dream job at the age of twenty and started traveling back and forth from coast to coast. During her travels she made numerous network connections with influencers, resorts and brands which led to Autumn's Public Relations Company, ECT PR and later became the editor of the well-known Instagram and website, @CoupleGoals with over 4.5 million followers.


Jb & Autumn have known each other since they were 10 years old.  His younger sister and Autumn played on the same softball team.  He was too shy to talk to her at the local Pizza parlor in La Mirada, CA as his mother told Autumn he had a crush on her.

They grew up with one another but have never pursued each other.  They had the same group of friends, and Autumn would even cheer him on at his high school football games. They  took drama class together just so Jb can talk more to Autumn. Their first kiss was in high school. She technically made him kiss her while he was holding her books walking to class.

16 years later, they are traveling the world together and sharing their sassy relationship advice with other millennial couples.


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