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What To Do & Where To Stay For An EPIC Bachelorette Party

Without any doubts, sin city was the perfect bachelorette party destination. It’s pretty much the capital of all bachelorette parties that want to live on the wild side. There is plenty to choose from on where to eat, play and even relax. We partnered with Caesars Entertainment Group to plan the most EPIC bachelorette party weekend AND if you saw my Instagram stories, you know it was epic!

So grab your plastic tiaras or in this case police hats because here are some of my biggest tips on where to stay, what to do and extra tips to plan an unforgettable bachelorette party!

Garden of the Gods Caesars Palace pool Cabana

I highly suggest staying at the Caesars Palace Hotel. Not only is the location perfect, the whole hotel is definitely Instagram worthy for those cute bachelorette shots. The hotel literally has everything from amazing dinning restaurants, spa, gorgeous pools and even the famous Vanderpump cocktail garden. We stayed in the Julius Executive Duplex suite- and let me tell you it was SWEEET! It had 4 bedrooms which was enough for 10 of us. The suite also had a pool table, bar, kitchen, wrap staircase and an amazing bathtub! Definitely have your girls bring decor to add some love to the room. My bridal party decorated with suite with so much pink and fun decorations.

First things first, right as we arrived on a Friday morning, we immediately headed to Qua Bath and Spas. we wanted to start the weekend off right, by relaxing! This is a must-do activity before you start your festivities. All you really need is a couple of hours to detox and some pampering.

Before the night starts, bust out your pink outfits and head to Vanderpump cocktail garden. Skip the line and make a reservation. They have the best girliest drinks!

Hungry? Girl I got you, next I highly suggest making reservations for your party at Giada at the Cromwell which is part of Caesars Entertainment group. Giada's menu consist of luxury italian cuisine with handmade pasta and more. They even have a vegan dish! YUM! Also for night two, make reservations and dine at Mr. Chows which is inside the Caesars Hotel. Mr. Chows is a family style served so everyone can enjoy the experience and dishes. My favorite is the hand pulled noodle presentation and dessert!

The restaurant was perfect walking distance from the hotel and our next destination which was Dria's nightclub! Not only was everything conveniently located next to each other, we wanted to go to Drai's nightclub for their amazing hip hop line up. Rent a table so you can dance comfortably and have your own bottle service. We danced the night away & it was one of my best experiences ever.

The next day, rent a cabana at the Garden of the Gods pools. Partying all night definitely calls for a relaxing pool day. The pools are all together with some 21 and over pools as well.

Lastly, I can't forget.... CHIPPENDALES! I won't give too much detail but you must take your girls and the bride to be to see this show. IT'S A MUST! Have these sexy men show you a good time ;) I never laughed or danced so much in my life. You will for sure see another side of your besties.



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