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2021 Home Decor Trends

It's no doubt that the past year we have been at home more than ever! We are surrounded by the same home decor and same walls we often get tired of it and want changed. The more I spent at home the more I wanted to love to be in my home. That being said furniture shopping and decor meant so much more than ever.

Couch shopping was one of the biggest struggles we had while furnishing our home. It was the last piece to add to make our home complete. Jb and I wanted something different, unique & something the pups wont mess up. (event though I really wanted a white couch it was definitely not in the books for our two doggy home)

Finding the dream couch that's somehow chic and in your budget can make you want to cut bangs or something to that extreme especially during a pandemic with limited supply and back orders. We fell in love with velvet sofas and the color black. Our home is a modern chic black and white with hints of gold. Surprisingly, a black couch was extremely hard to find in the market.

If you are living under a rock, you probably have not seen the Camaleonda sofa from Modern Eternity that is not only popular on social media but fit the aesthetic of our home decor.

The sectional elements of Camaleonda sofa can be used freely and apart from one another. Which is perfect to change and move pieces around to fit your room.

The backs and armrests are provided with rings and carabiners, which allows the user to create a perfect 'seating landscape'. The sofa is very comfortable and the fact this wonderful piece is modular, provides endless flexible solutions for any project or living room.

A lot of our family and friends were worries about the metal pieces that are part of the hooks on the couch. You do not feel them what so ever when you are sitting on this couch. The couch is made so you do not have that discomfort.

We were able to custom make our couch with the color and fabrication that we desired. They have about eight different fabrications from cashmere, leather to velvet. Eternity Modern also offers over twenty five different colors to choose from. To costume your sofa, it took about 8-11 weeks to deliver to us which is normal for a custom order.

Our Mario Bellini Camaleonda sofa fit perfectly in our black, white modern chic decor

and we couldn't be happier to have such a unique piece in our home! I highly recommend searching online for a unique couch instead of in stores you will not regret it!


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