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Ditch Your Tie Dye sweats- 2021's Sexiest Loungewear is Here

Ditch Your Tie Dye- 2021's sexiest loungewear is here and you can even match with bae. After all, you are quarantine together. You might as well spice things up! I call this the Anti-Sweatpant Loungewear and we all should be on board!!!

Tie dye is so last year & beyond basicccc. Let's face it we don't want to remember much of 2020. That being said, I have upgraded my sweat sets into more crop sets that are solid and or have lace. My go to brand this year- Yandy! Yandy specializes in styles that make you feel not only confident but comfy and sexy. Wear them in for a cozy cabin vacation or wear them out! Yandy has a huge collection for all body types & styles.

While some of us might be out and about, most of the world is still spending days working at home and or attending school online at home. As winter weather kicks in, having cozy, cute loungewear is more important than ever before. You must be tired of the same sweats, right? Girl, It's definitely time to upgrade and I promise your partner will love it too ;)

They have recently just launch menswear as well. Jb was way too excited about this. He is all for comfy soft boxers that can hold his you know what really well. (his words not mine) He is wear the Mens Falco Seamless Trunk. They also come in white, he has both pairs and loves them. Not sure if his squat game is strong or if these Falco trunks give him a major junk in the trunk peach- but i'm jealous.

I am wearing super flirty v neck booty short & soft set that also comes in white. She is called

"cancel your plans" and thats exactly what the hubs and I did all weekend long. I love this crop top because I can also wear her with leggings or jeans!

Split Personality Chemise @YANDY

Would you like some tea or coffee your grace? Ha. Jb & I lounged in Yandy all weekend long in our cabin with major cozy vibes. We binge watched Bridgeton while snuggling up together in Yandy. This slit dress was my favorite. It's not only soft but super sexy. It doesn't revile too much and gives my chest a little more cleavage that I don't normally have.

Smooth Finish Teddy @Yandy

I also need a good teddy always for when the lights are off and the candles are lit. If you know what I mean... Yandy's Smooth Finish Teddy is a soft comfy onesie. For now, lets spice things up indoors! (or run outside in the snow to kick it and take a photo and run back in) You don't need a significant other to wear a teddy at night or at all. I love wearing them for myself!

I love this particular teddy because you can also wear her with jeans like a body suit and add a leather jacket which will be the perfect date night attire when quarantine is over.

Discount code GRLWITHBANGS for 20% your entire order. xo stay safe & sexy. #YandyPartner @YANDY WWW.YANDY.COM

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