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New Year, New Goals.

It’s hard to believe that 1999 was 20 years ago! Adults are right, time really does fly by!!

As the end of the year approaches, I always take some time during these last few days of the year to reflect on my 2018 goals and resolutions to see what I have accomplished. The past three years, it has become mine and Jb's tradition to go to a coffee shop and take turns writing our new goals. We write them down on a piece of lined paper. Nothing fancy. I will write one goal and then he will write one goal. We would go back and forth until the line paper is filled. We always frame our goals and put our old goals form 2016-2018 behind our new year in the same frame. After, we place the small frame next to our coffee pot. I put our goals here because its the one place we always look at first thing in the morning. It is a great reminder to see what you need to work on and what you have yet to accomplish.

Of course due to our new engagement, most of our goals was about saving and wedding planning! We love setting a specific number to save i.e "save 15k in your savings." Giving yourself an actual number to hit definitely helps you push more than just saying "save money." Our other goals were of course, get fit, stay healthy, do volunteer work and see our family more often.

I highly recommend doing this especially with your parter. It's fun to help one another achieve your goals. It also builds a stronger relationship bond with each other!

As actual New Years Day approached, I was in full shine mode. Thanks to Bishop & Young for the amazing shine outfits, my day was nothing but sparkly!

The contemporary chic and modern company is now available online at

Being in Southern Cali, the clothing is more "relaxed" and it is hard to find a brand with the aesthetic that is full of a luxurious original mix of texture and color! Their fits are amazing! Being petite it is hard to find unique clothing that fits my chest, waist and length. Thank goodness for B+Y!

Bishop & Young are offering an amazing exclusive discount of 60% at checkout when using code "BY60" online at The sale ends Sunday, January 6th.

Soooo get your New Years goals set & look fabulous while doing it!



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