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Goodbye 2019!

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

2019, you definitely topped 2018. As I leave this year, I will do it in the most fabulous way, always rocking!

Last year, I reflected on everything that happened with my life. The good and the bad. This year, I wanted to do the same thing to remind myself that no matter what happens to be positive and that 2020 is a whole new year with new opportunities!

The beginning of the year started off with the biggest moment of my life. Jb finally proposed! He actually proposed on 12/31! It was the best new years ever! We immediately went straight to wedding planning the week after

The beginning of the year started off with the biggest moment of my life. Jb finally proposed! He actually proposed on 12/31! It was the best new years ever! We immediately went straight to wedding planning the week after. I also started a new tradition with my best friend and planned our first bestie moon. We went to Palm Springs a weekend getaway.

In February, we were still on the hunt for a wedding planner. We picked our destination wedding and location. Jb and I also went on a little getaway for work in Palm Springs. We love this location because it is close by and we can also bring our dog, Duke. We also celebrated one of my other best friend’s engagement in Hermosa Beach.

In March, I was doing most of the wedding planning as Jb was on night shifts and it was impossible to do plan anything together. We were planning our wedding via email to each other. It was really hard planning our wedding on my own and my one of siblings was going thru a really tough divorce. My heart was broken for her.

As mentioned last year, March is a big year for birthdays in my family. We celebrate my grandmothers 90thbirthday with a huge party. After many hospital visits, she was able to dance at her own birthday on her own two feet.

April, I finally took Jb to his first LA fashion show. He feel in love and now thinks he is a runway model. I was finally able to start asking my bridesmaids to be a part of the big day. April is also my birthday. Jb took me to Catalina island for a little getaway and came back to celebrate with my friends and family in Huntington Beach.

May, Jb and I attended our first big influencer event with Cardi B performing. It was definitely a night to remember. Not only because I forever have scars on my feet but because we were front and center watching one of my favorite performers.

June, my best friend and I with our boyfriends/fiancé took a road trip to Arizona. It was about an 8 hour drive. We went to celebrate the marriage of our other best friend.

July, I stole my sisters and took them to Palm Springs to celebrate and host a Divorce Party! It was so much fun! I highly recommend this to anyone that is going through this tough time and to get some girls time in.

August, Jb was FINALLY off night shifts. We were also finally able to sleep in the same bed together. On August 2nd, both of our favorite numbers, a Friday and both of our day off… We decided to get eloped and go to the courthouse. We planned this about a week in advance and didn’t tell anyone but our photographer. This was also our 4thanniversary so we drove straight down to San Diego and stayed at the historic Del Coronado Hotel. Mid August, my best friend and maid of honor hosted my bridal shower. Later that month, I finally had health insurance too ;)

In September, Jb and I both had our bachelorette/bachelor parties. It was a weekend to remember, or not remember or you know what I mean… I danced way too hard I couldn’t walk for weeks. My little sister got accepted to grad school in London so she was also leaving the country until our wedding in November. Jb and I also went to Vegas this month for work. It was a nice little getaway and saw some amazing shows.

October, flew by. We were both working a lot getting ready for the big day and trying to save as much as possible since we were paying for our wedding all on our own. We did have to go back to Palm Springs for a work trip so we made it our “mini moon.”

November, the month I was waiting for all year. Our wedding month. It was prep time! A lot of facials, laser appointments, dentist and dress fittings. Jb and I were at the gym working out like crazy as well. November 30th 2019, we officially got married in front of our loved ones!

Decemeber, was literally our honeymoon all month long. It was a DREAM!!!

To end this year, I will be wearing the striking sequin party dress from Yandy. This dress also comes in black! Which would be perfect to pair with any color shoes.

You can wear her around your family or at the club! You can pair this sequin fun dress with thigh high boots if you are out in the cold or even black/silver strap open toe heels!

The built for seduction velvet dress was Jb's favorite of course! This dress also comes in black. It is really cute to wear to any holiday party. I LOVED that it had built in bra cups!

Get your NYE outfit now at and you can even get some cute sleepwear sets while you are at it!

To close this last blog post of the year again, remember everyone is going through a struggle whatever it may be and always say, "I Love You" to your loved ones no matter what!!!

Also, everything happens for a reason!

XOXO Happy New Year!!!

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