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Why You Should Travel With Your BF Before Saying "I DO"

 "Living together is one thing but traveling with your lover is a whole new ball game. Taking a trip with your Boyfriend is a major make it or break it test for your relationship."

Nomad Tulum

Living together is one thing but traveling with your lover is a whole new ball game. Taking a trip with your Boyfriend is a major make it or break it test for your relationship. 

I wanted to put together 14 reasons why you should travel with your BF before saying, "I DO!" 

14 reasons because it only took JB 14 years to finally make a move! Anyways, before walking down the isle ladies lets take a week long trip with your lover. I highly suggest going somewhere out of the country. Going somewhere different with one another can help you prep to overcome any NEW things that may come your way in the future together. BUT, that's just one perk! You really want to know if he is the one? Start here!

1. Stress: It isn't always lovey dovey. You can come across some pretty stressful moments. Such as your plane got delayed, lost of luggage, got bit by a million mosquitos or figuring out where the correct directions are. This is a test to see how your man handles stress.

2. Compromise: I am sure you both want to do something exciting and new on your travels.  Most times Jb & I have to compromise with one another on where to eat, what to do, what time we should wake up... ect. Agreeing with one another is important in a relationship. I mean, you both have to agree to say, "I do" right? So start practicing now. 

3. Money: Money is always one of the top five issues that cause divorce. Find out his spending habits. Talk about a budget before you travel to a new destination. This will allow you to see how responsible he is with his money. 

4. Making Memories Together:How does he make memories with you? Does he LOVE taking pictures?  Does he hate taking pictures and creating memories?  If you are a picture queen (like me) you definitely need a man who will take selfies with you anytime anywhere! 

5. Interactions: You will get to see how he interacts with strangers. I once dated a guy who was completely rude to strangers. Even the stewardess on the planes! Rude right? 

6. Adapt to New Cultures:How does he adapt to change & new things? If something major happens in your life you both would have to adapt to the change. 

7. Patience:  This is something I need to do better at. I am the most impatience person. BUT, thank goodness for JB always being so patient with me. Patience is really a virtue. Let's talk kids, I don't have any BUT I have a dog. That count right? My mom always says you need patience with your husband while raising kids. Momma is always right- you're welcome!

8. New Experiences:Does he want to try new things? There is nothing sexier than a man that is spontaneous! You definitely don't want to marry a boring ol' fart. 

9: Sexpectations:  I think you know what I mean... Is he romantic? Having a sexual attraction with one another makes most relationships last FOREVERRRRR. So make it spicy! Make this trip feel like a honeymoon.

10. Figuring out your differences: You will be with each other 24-7- all hours of the day, every minute. You might even get annoyed with one another. You will learn a lot about what each other likes and doesn't like. What your differences really are. 

Be Present:11. Does he enjoy the moment & your time together alone? Let's put the phones away and leave social media behind. 

12.  Comfort Zone: Sometimes hotels in another country are a little funky. We once stayed at a place where the bathroom had no door and was open facing the bed area.  How awkward would that be for your first trip together?  I was once in a relationship where I felt so uncomfortable about my body. If you are going to spend the rest of your life with someone you better be comfortable with each other. 

13.  Shoot I only really have 12 reasons. 

14. Let's just pretend this is another reason... I just wanted to throw it in Jb's face again of how long it took him to ask me out... 

The ONE you should marry shouldn't just be your best friend but also your favorite travel companion. Someone who you can be comfortable with and agree to disagree.  So go pack your bags and find out if he is "The One." 


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