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Traveling Hacks- Out Of The Country

Need some tips for your next Vacay out of the country?

Rome Italy

When traveling outside the country, there is so much prep we take into consideration in order to make the best of our trip in a timely matter. Sometimes I get a little to crazy and make an itinerary to the T.  JB likes to go with the flow BUT I highly suggest planning your days out!  Getting ready for your next vacay?

1. But First Pinterest!- Pinterst is my 2nd boyfriend. I am highly addicted. It is our main go to when starting to plan a trip. I search EVERYTHING. Where to eat, what to do, what to wear, what to bring...ect. Pinterst is the perfect first step to learn more about the country you are visiting. 

2. Educate yourself-Learn the language.  Before we visited Italy in 2016, we wanted to learn Italian. We mainly taught ourselves the basics in order to get around and communicate with the locals. I would watch youtube videos while I was running at the gym. Sometimes I even caught myself yelling, "buongiorno!"

3.  Write it down- Write down all the places you want to visit during your trip. Find out how much time you will need when visiting each place and how far it is from where you are staying. We did this in Rome and literally saw everything in two days!  

4. What to bring- Research if the country has bugs/mosquitos. It's not cute when you get bit a million times on vacay.  Bug spray will be your best friend! Especially in Mexico!  

+ It's convenient to have some cash on you. I would exchange your dollars at the airport when landing. We usually do this to avoid additional credit card fee's. Also, a lot of countries such as Mexico/Bahamas only take cash when dinning or using a taxi. 

+No matter where you go, make sure you have comfy walking shoes. (Especially if you plan on going sight seeing!) 

+ Medicine- Just in case you drink too many margaritas on the beach! I have!

+Cellular Plan & Debit Card-  We always call our cell phone carrier to get the best data plan when traveling out of the country.  Because we are always working when we travel, having data is SUPER important. Also, call your bank ahead of time and let them know you where you will be traveling so your debit card doesn't get declined.

Now you have the basic's on how to prepare for your trip! Happy pinning & don't forget that medicine!



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