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Travel Tips For Couples

Traveling with your bae can be super romantic or hectic! Travel tips from his & hers point of view.

Zamas Hotel Tulum

Traveling with your bae can be super romantic or hectic! Traveling solo can be relaxing but traveling with someone that you can kiss in paradise, laugh together, sight see historical places, eat new things and being adventures with one another is so much better.

My Tips-

1. Share Packing Space-  

Don't over pack. The lighter the better because you will be hauling your suitcase everywhere & it is less items you need to worry about. A lot of times (surprisingly) Jb packs more than me!

2. Discuss Money Prior to-

Figure out financially what you should be spending. Money is usually the number one argument with couples. Married or not. We usually bring a certain amount of cash with us for "fun" spending and the rest we put on our credit card to rack up travel points!

3. Share Ideas-

Do what you both want to do. Don't be selfish and only plan things for yourself. Find out what your lover likes to do or wants to see. (earn some brownie points by surprise them!)

4. Be Spontaneous-  

Do things that make you step out of your comfort zone. They make the best memories and great pictures! 

5. Fit In With The Locals don't fall in tourist traps-  

Tourist traps are not sexy or romantic. I always research what the locals do and where they go.

otherwise you might be kissing under the stars with a random guy shoving a selfie stick at you.  

6. Intimacy!- 

Don't forget this ;) Make EVERY vacation a honeymoon!

7. Agree to disagree-  

Agree with one another! Lay out the pro's and con's of situations and work together!

8. Take pictures-

 I am bad at this one.... I take too many! Print them out too. We live in such a digital world we can't forget to have things tangible. Also create a travel book. Jb and I collect everything and put it inside our travel book to keep for memories. 

Jb's Tips: His

(in his own words)

1. Travel light because you are always caring her luggage.

2. Be prepared to wake up early. (especially if she is a blogger)

3. Agree with her, because they're always right. Especially about the itinerary

and how awesome it is even though you want to wing it.

4.  Don't complain you are tired. You are on vacation. 

.......Wow, thanks Jb lol! I will makes sure our itinerary next trip is longer than usual ;) 


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