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Things To Do In Joshua Tree

Traveling to Joshua Tree? Renting an AIRBNB? You must check out these spots!

Jb and I finally rented an Airbnb in Joshua Tree! I have been stalking @cabincabincabin  for months now and have been dying to stay here. If you are looking for trendy decor and to get inspired- this is your go to place for a little escape.  

CabinCabinCabin had a unique vintage kitchen where you can cook/bring your own food. They provided Coffee from Joshua Tree Coffee Company with a coffee press ready for you to use.  There were no TV's and there isn't much to do in JT but "be one with nature." I was super excited just to relax, play games and drink wine. 

cabin cabin cabin Airbnb

Sisters cafe- Hungry? Sisters cafe is the only place I trust to eat at in Joshua Tree. The cafe is trendy and the food is mouth watering. If you are vegan/vegetarian I highly recommend eating here. 

Joshua tree coffee-Joshua Tree Coffee is hidden behind a yoga studio and pizza place. Its super small but worth trying! They have a cute little patio in the back as well. 

Crochet museum-  The tiny crochet museum is a popular destination for tourist. Its within the same block as Sisters Cafe and JT Coffee company. The museum is next to an old saloon that is defiantly picture worthy. 

Noah Purifoy Outdoor Desert Art Museum​- This was such a sketchy drive... The outdoor museum is free however, they accept donations. The art structures are made with recycled items such as tires. 

Drive down to The Ace Hotel for Kings Highway- We got a little bored. One night for dinner, we drove down to Palm Springs which was a good 45 min. drive to my favorite restaurant Kinds Highway. They have the best nachos and spicy mango margaritas! 

Joshua Tree National Park (rocks)-Usually people travel to JT for the nature but we really wanted a lot of content and were shooting the whole time. We decided to drive through Joshua Tree National park. It is HUGE so we only went to Arc Rock. Arc Rock is a natural arc that is surrounded by more geology. Guys, take your girl here to watch the sunset!

backyard of our Airbnb


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