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Our Secret Court House Elopement Details

The surprise "I Do"details that we planned a week before we made it official.

Jb & Autumn Laguna Hills Court House Photo Credits @pattygregory_

As most of you know, we are getting married in November at Tulum, Mexico. Tulum has been part of our hearts for the past four years as we call it our second home.

Before our wedding, we had to make it official here in the United States. In Mexico you have to take a lot of extra steps to make it official at your actual wedding ceremony.

Due to our work schedules, Jb and I actually don't see each other as much as it looks like on instagram. Jb works graveyards and I commute to DTLA opposite hours of each other. We both mostly sleep alone and have been planning this wedding via email to eachother. FINALLY, after a year of opposite schedules Jb's work hour changed.

We never had a court date planned. I told Jb to pick a date and if you know men, they take forever to plan something & procrastinate. His excuse was that he wanted a "cool" number for our date like 6/9/19.. LOL real mature JB.(which was a sunday and courts aren't open on sundays...)

A week before Jbs new schedule changed- it was also the weekend of our four year anniversary. That Friday we were both free. It was our first Friday off together in years!

Planning a destination wedding is no joke. There has been a lot of stress to the point where we are trying to make everyone else happy and forgetting what this is all about. That's why we wanted this moment to be just about us.

We didn't tell anyone about our plan to go to the court house and make this official. Which was really hard for me to do. We asked my very first photographer I started blogging with Patty Gregory to be our witness and capture this moment. On August 2nd 2019, (8 is Jb's favorite number and 2 is mine) we became MR & MRS Weimann (WHY-MEN) !!!!

Jb & Autumn Laguna Hills Court House Photo Credits @pattygregory_

The outfit details:

Since there was only a week of planning, I went onto Revolve to find an all white jumpsuit. Revolve ships within two days or less since I am in Los Angeles. I found the perfect off the shoulder jumpsuit, Superdown Aubrey for under $100. I hid the iconic bangs with a white brim hat from Sole Society under $50. I totally forgot about my shoes as this was so last minute. Thank goodness I had some nude suede Fashion Nova strappy heels. To up the classy look, I poshed (poshmark) Channel earrings. Jb's whole linen outfit is from H&M. He actually picked this outfit for the bridal shower a couple weeks before hand. All he needed was his all white Sperry's which he purchased the day before.

Jb & Autumn Laguna Hills Court House Photo Credits @pattygregory_

The Experience:

Jb got home at 7:30 am after a night shift. I was already ready in my outfit. He came home & changed and we were out the door by 8am. Our first stope was Philz coffee of course because I needed some food & caffeine. I mean, who wants their tummy growling while saying, "I do.." Our appointment was at 9:30 at Laguna Hills courthouse. We picked this courthouse as it looked the nicest & we wanted to represent Orange County!

We met Patty & walked inside. There were about 3 people behind computers and about four other couples of all different ages in white clothing. We presented our ID's along with Patty's. The clerk then asked if I wanted to keep my last name. I said no of course & we signed the papers. The clerk then said, "ready?" as she put on a black robe walked into a small tiny chapel with us. It was kind of funny and honestly didn't feel real. We then started to begin our "I Do's" I was teary eyed and super shaky. Jb was giving me the death stare the whole time and didn't blink once! He said his words perfectly as I stuttered mine. That was it! Literally under 10 minuets maybe 5. We are married!! So crazy to say that. However, we decided to still call each other fiancé until our actual wedding in November.

Jb & Autumn Laguna Hills Court House Photo Credits @pattygregory_

After our photoshoot at the courthouse, we drove to the romantic Chick-Fil-A fast food restaurant because Jb was getting hangry. LOL! Got some snacks and headed to San Diego for a weekend getaway. We celebrated our marriage and our anniversary!


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