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The Pros and Cons of Hooking Up With Your BFF

You have been friends forever and the thought has always crossed your mind, “Should I hook up with my BFF?” I mean, what is the worst that can happen?

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You have been friends forever and the thought has always crossed your mind, “Should I hook up with my BFF?” I mean, what is the worst that can happen. They’re your bestie and you know everything about each other, right? Before hopping in bed with them, you’ll need these major pros and cons to hooking up with your friend to help you make the best choice for you.


1. Comfort

You both have a level of comfort with one another. That means all you ladies you can skip that awkward first date when you’re too shy to eat in front of him. Phew! Being comfortable around each other establishes an emotional connection. Your body language and your confidence are much higher than dating someone you don’t know at all.

2. You Know all About Them

I’m talking about knowing the history of ALL their dirty laundry. This is probably the best pro! You know their past relationships, the ex’s, friends, what they like to do, and their daily routine. This is important because you already have an idea of who this person is and what they are looking for.

3. Minimal Awkwardness

You both, as friends, have mutual respect for one another and understand one another. You already know what you have in common or what you don’t – which you can use to your advantage. The point is, you’ve already had those awkward moments and since you’re such good friends, you don’t have to feel weird about anything.


1. Loss of Friendship

You are worried about losing them by having an awkward hookup or you get attached and they don’t or vice versa. Your friendship is on the line. You could end up losing your best friend. Are you ready for that? Becuase if things go south, that’s your reality.

2. No Sexual Chemistry

You hook up and the sexual tension wasn’t there. This means you basically won’t ever talk to each other again because of how weird it was. Yikes! A botched hook up can lead into a lost friendship and you will most likely feel totally uncomfortable when you see each other. If you two just didn’t click in the bedroom, it can make every encounter cringe-worthy.

3. Awkward Social Circle

You both have the same social circle since you are already BFFs. A messy hookup could lead into drama within your circle. Friends can take sides and this could also ruin multiple friendships, not just yours. Not only that, but if you two are having fun hooking up, your friends can still make things weird by treating you two as a couple when you’re clearly NOT. Talk about annoying.

This awkward situation has happened to me personally. Yup, Me! I never thought it would…. I was actually the one to gain the courage and confidence to make the first move. I am now finally in an amazing relationship with my best friend of fifteen years.

We have the same circle of friends which makes it so easy to hang out with everyone. We have secret handshakes, do facial mask together, watch The Bachelor, laugh continuously, aware of our past relationship history and understand each other’s needs.

You only live once and you don’t want to ever live life thinking “what if” they could’ve been the one. You will never know until you try!


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