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The Hot & Cool New Trend- Coolscupting!

The hot (or cool) non surgical new trend that everyone is doing! Freeze your fat goodbye!

Jb and I LOVE working out together and maintaining a healthy diet. However, there's still stubborn fat in some parts of our bodies.

We heard about the cool new hot trend, CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is the very safe and quickly effective only FDA-cleared fat freezing technology! Yes, it freezes your fat cells goodbye! Crazy right? No knifes, no down time and no anesthesia needed! The machine feels like a little vacuum that controls cooling and targets only your fat cells, which are then shed through your body as a part of its own natural processes.

Living in Orange County, we heard a lot of amazing things about the very poplar CosmetiCare- a plastic surgery and medspa. CosmetiCare is also known for their celebrity cliental such as The Real Housewives of Orange County, Little Women and more.

Being someone who hates medication, cannot handle the sight of blood nor needles. I had to try CoolSculpting. Living in bikinis, I have always been self conscious about my lower booty and the back of my legs. As much as I workout and diet, I can't get ride of my "banana roll." I had two small machines placed under each cheek for only 35 minuets. I literally felt nothing the first 10 minuets. Then, the machines got really really cold however, still very tolerable.

I could even take a nap with the machines on. Our CosmetiCare nurse Rosie, made us very comfortable as she turned on Netflix and offered us a beverage. She has done over 5k procedures of CoolSculpting!

After my 35 min were up, Rosie massaged the area to enhance the outcome of the procedure. I had a little bit of redness after but I felt totally fine and ready to go to the gym the same day as my treatment! With diet and exercise, your fat cells will reduce in size. With CoolSculpting, the fat cells are removed from my body permanently! I noticed results instantly. Some people will notice results within only a week.

Jb ate a lot of burritos and donuts during his police academy and gained some cute love handles. As much as he works out his sides, the love handle area has been the toughest to lose his stubborn fat.

We are very pleased with the outcome of our results, the sweetest staff and how easy/quick the treatment was. We can't wait to come back and work on another area or get one of those cool vampire facials ;)

As far as pricing and financing please call CosmetiCare. Phone number is provided below. I highly recommend asking for Rosie as she was the sweetest most knowledgable nurse that helped us during our treatments.


Worried about financing your cosmetic enhancement journey? We've got you covered!


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