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The Bikinis You Must Have This Summer!

These bikinis will totally make you feel confident about your body!

This weekend was the first weekend the sun came out to play in Souther California. It has been raining non stop for the first time probably in about ten years! It was an amazing high of 80 degrees! SO of course we went to the beach, rode some local bikes barefoot & ate ice cream straight from the ice cream truck.

I felt so pale without a tan and I haven't been in a bikini in about six months! I also broke my tailbone so I haven't been able to workout my booty for about three months! I felt slightly discourage to get back in a kind that's for sure.

The first bikini I wore is my favorite bikini from Yandy! The Glow Peek A Boo bikini comes in two colors red & neon pink. Of course I had to get the neon pink because one, pink duh and two neons are trending! I was so excited being a small chested girl that the peek a boo part of the top actually gave me cleavage! I did not want to take this top off. I was V proud for the first time ever. I actually took probably over fifty photos in this bikini because it made me feel so good. Poor Jb.

The next Yandy bikini I wore was the Turn It Up Monokini in sunshine yellow. Yellow has been one of my favorite colors to wear in a swimsuit. I wanted to wear this one while bike riding because it showcased my booty the most and I needed a tan big time. The front part of this bikini goes down into a V all the way down to the front. This bikini is defiantly a pool party bikini. I need to make a Las Vegas trip and rock Yandy at the pool parties!

IFFFF you are living under a rock, I guess you won't know that snake skin is in. So SLAY girl.

The slither & slay bikini was a little different than typical bikinis. The square top was able to give me side cleavage. Yes, cleavage again!

I am so excited that I finally feel comfortable and able to show off different parts of my body with these bikinis. Thanks to Yandy for designing such unique cuts and styles where I can feel confident like women should feel. I am ready for summer 2019 thanks to my babes at Yandy.

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