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Sexy Looks For Your Anniversary

"I still needed to look sexy and cute for lounging pool side with bae. I mean- its our anniversary!   My go-to & life saver always is,  Adore Me!"

 August 6th 2015, after fourteen years Jb and I were finally OFFICIALLY boyfriend & girlfriend. 

This year we decided to take a road trip to Palm Springs, Ca. One of our favorite getaways!

We have been so caught up with work we were too exhausted to actually plan something for our anniversary.

We also didn't want to leave our German sheared Husky home again.

Our favorite place to stay in Palm Springs is The Ace Hotel & Swim Club.

We are obsessed with the atmosphere, food (avocado toast for days!!!!) & we can bring our dog (Duke) with us. 

We had zero plans for our anniversary. No dinner plans no activities- nothing. We decided to do something we never do. RELAX!

I didn't have to worry about what shoes do I need to pack or what dress should I wear for a date night out.  It was kind of weird! I am never one to just relax or not to worry about packing a week in advance. I literally make powerpoint of my outfits for vacations. 

However, I still needed to looksexy and cute for lounging pool side with bae. I mean- its our anniversary!  

My go-to & life saver always is,  Adore Me!

Adore Meis my favorite go-to for all things sexy when we travel together.

The styles were perfect for lounging around in our room, eating nachos (poolside) or even working on the patio all cozied up!

Plus, it makes me feel confident when I wear anything Adore Me. I finally found a lingerie company that fits me perfectly! 

"Lingerie is the most intimate expression of your style and shouldn't be reserved for special occasions!"

Bikinis were a sensitive subject for me. Until I met Adore Me!  It's always hard to find the perfect fit for my top half.

I feel like you have to be top heavy to wear a decent bikini!

Meet my new BFF- The Lourdes bikini from Adore Me. She is fun & flirty! My kind of girl. 

The kini has ruffle shoulder details and ruffle sides on the bottoms. 

The top fits me perfectly with a little underwire that is also super comfy and includes soft cuffs. THANK YOU Lourdes!

We stayed in our room most of the time. We had a gorgeous patio to study/work and let Duke run around.

It felt good just to be in my underwear all weekend!

I was obsessed with this two piece set! It also comes in multiple colors!

The unides are just as cute as the top and super silky. 

I couldn't resist but to order room service while working on my articles wearing Adore Me outfits.

I was so cosy & I felt like I was at home! Until, some guy on the top floor can see me in me lace set!

So ladies, your next vacay with your man pack Adore Me! It is a must! You BOTH will love it ;) 

Cheers to two years and many more to come! 


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