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Sexy Couples Halloween Costumes with Yandy

If you’re looking to really make a statement this Halloween, match with your boo and get yourself a couples costume from Yandy

Halloween is the absolute best. I love dressing up and playing a character for one night, and it’s so much more fun if your partner is doing it with you! Looking up inspiration for couples costumes is really easy because Yandy has so many great ideas! 

Yandy is still our go-to shop to find the perfect Halloween costume! They have everything from costumes to hit up every party and costumes to trick or treat in. There’s even couples costumes ideas which makes everything so much easier. 

How could we not love a classmates couples costume?!

Besides the fact that this costume is really cute (who doesn’t love a crop top and skirt combo?) it reminds me of how far we’ve come since being in school together. We’re cute.

A school uniform costume is fun too because you can really accessorize. You can go nerdy with the black rimmed glasses (plus tall socks for guys), and you can go for a much more youthful vibe with the pigtails and knee high socks. It’s a really simple and fun couples costume!

Stop in the name of th- wait, are those donuts?

Cops are a classic Halloween costume staple, and it’s a great opportunity to play a different character for a night! You can police the food and drinks, other party-goers, and administer punishment where you see fit. ;) 

I love this costume because it came with all of the accessories. It’s a really easy pick if you don’t want to think too hard about completing your costume look. And you can eat as many donuts as you want all night and the calories don’t count.

With our love, we can rule the world together. <3

These Egyptian costumes are everything! I paired it with a blunt, black wig to really top off the royal ensemble. The black and gold combo is so striking - even Cleopatra would approve. I also love that Yandy even has sexy costumes for guys too. Couples deserve to look sexy together!

Then with a touch of editing magic, we were able to transport ourselves to the land of the pharaohs! 

Yandy is my one stop shop where I can get practically everything I need. It’s my go-to website for lingerie, Halloween costumes, and more! 

If you’re still not sure what you and your bae are wearing for Halloween, check out’s couples costume page for ideas! It’s really easy to pick costumes and get inspired to create your own. They also have a DIY Shop if you want to create your own unique costume.

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