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Saving Hacks To Travel The World

I've always been told that traveling in your twenties is the best time to travel.  Instead of partying every weekend & waisting my Sunday's feeling hungover, I am always thinking of how I can save more money for the next destination.  

1. Do it yourself ladies-I stopped getting my nails done about a year ago. I loved going to get a mani pedi every month or even twice a month. After calculating how much I was spending I realized I can save about $100 a month if I do my own nails. I found a really good nail polish (Morgan Taylor) which looks like and stays on like GEL! The best part ladies, is that the polish dries so fast! I even do a quick paint while I am driving to work but you shouldn't do that. 

Have you ever colored or cut your hair and it costed you over $150 dollars? Ridiculous right? I mean that could be a one way ticket to New York! I started cutting my hair in 7th grade. It looked super crappy at first but hey practice makes perfect & you probably looked awkward in middle school too.  I also color my own hair when I want to. I probably dye my hair once a year if that. I am all for healthy long hair so I stay away from coloring my hair & overdosed on Biotin! (Walmart two bucks, yes I said two bucks!!!) 

I also never get my brows done. Tweezers are my best friend. This could save you $6-$50! 

2. Eat in-Jb and I used to go out and eat A LOT! It was date night like every night. However, dollar signs were adding up. I think every new couple goes out to eat almost every date. Change it up, go on a hike and have a picnic! 

There is nothing better than a home cooked meal. It also could be really romantic when you have him cook for you!  We now have date nights at the grocery store. It's actually fun!


TIP: IN-N-OUT is actually a yummy, semi-healthy date night gentlemen! 

3. Alchohol-Every early twenty something year old wants to go out and drink. I used to drink until I started traveling more.  Lets face it, one drink could be from $4-$18 and that's only ONE drink. I like cute cocktails so I am screwed with a $8-$12 drink always.  I learned that you don't have to drink to have a good time. Matter of fact, you have more fun watching everyone get drunk and look stupid. Plus the next day you have more money in your pocket and you're not hungover.  Score! 

Okay so you are classy, you go out to dinner with your girlfriends a lot.  Recently, Jb & I noticed that our bills are about $20 or more with drinks than having just water. Who doesn't want an extra $20 in their pocket.

TIP: Like wine? Head over to Trader Joe's for some good wine at an amazing price!

4. Coffee-  Are you a Starbucks or a latte a day kinda gal?  I was! I was spending about $3-$5 almost everyday on coffee. Wake up at 5 am for work, it became so convenient for me to bust a mission to the nearest Starbucks Drive Thru.  Who ever invented drive-thrus- GENIUS! If it wasn't Starbucks I was going to a local coffee shop and spending a good $4.50 on a latte. (with almond milk please) 

I calculated this one day and I could've been saving $60-$90 a month!  I then invested in a Kurieg and a coffee press but Kurieg k-cups could get pricy. About a month ago, I gave up coffee completely to better my heart issues which didn't last long because I am currently sipping Starbucks at the moment. I deserve it, I swear!

TIP: Grind your coffee at Trader Joe's ($6-$8 a can that makes about 8 or more cups) and prep a delious cold press at night for you to grab and go in the morning. Also, hot water with lemon also gives you a great amount of energy! (Google it) 

5. Don't get Cable-Jb and I decided not to get cable. We are barley home and when we are home we rather cook, talk to each other or be outdoors. I have never been a fan of watching TV. I actually lived without a television for a whole year. This saves you about $70 or more a month!

TIP: Purchase Hulu or Netflix!

6. Sell your clothes- You are never going to wear the two year old dress that has been sitting in your closet. Usually when I sell my close I pocket about $80 or more dollars. It was hard for me at first to get rid of a lot of clothes. I always said to myself, "no not this one I can wear this when...." but I never wore it! I also started a PoshMark account which I need to figure out- but I have heard great things!

TIP- Save that ugly sweater your Aunt Betty got you for Christmas it can be worth so much more. 

7.   Become a member- At twenty, I had my first business trip to New York. I joined two programs to collect points and receive discounts. I became a member of Elevate-Virgin America for flight points and Starwood for Hotels.  I am now a silver and gold member and at least two of our trips were completely FREE! Also, I never read the benefits or other ways to collect points until recently. Last month we booked an Airbnb for two nights and received 1500 flight points! So do your research and get on that point system.

8. Travel hacks- Learn the hacks! The best day to look at flights is usually on a Tuesday at 1pm pacific time. I don't know why, but they are always cheaper.  Book a one way ticket first and then your return ticket separately. Usually the tickets are cheaper coming home (especially to LA) then booking a round trip ticket. 

TIP: Don't have enough points yet? Download the SkyScanner app on your smartphone for amazing flight deals and when I saw amazing, you will be shocked! 


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