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Quarantine fashion 2020 with Yandy

From workwear to cute sexy lounge and sleepwear. This is the new 2020.

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) most of the world is forced to work from home or have sadly even lost their jobs. Every time the world is in a crisis the fashion industry makes a dramatic change. We are now forced to wear mask as our new accessory, we are now trying to be as comfy as possible around the house, we are now into essential basics instead of high end fashion and have to even get creative with our own DIY outfits. 2020, is definitely not what we expected.... However, has everything you need to stay at home while feeling sexy & confident!

Working form home, I found myself wearing my husbands sweats, sports bras, not doing my makeup or hair. I was in full quarantine lazy mode. I mean nobody wants to wear jeans right now. They are so not comfy and comfort is key right now!

I realized that getting dressed everyday for work made me feel confident and empowered! I was super excited to see that launched a sexy loungewear line. My favorite piece is the Golden Heart Pajama Set. Snuggle up with your bae or look cute while working on that excel line sheet!

The pajama set features a black glitter cropped tank top, metal heart accents with ruched detailing, and matching high cut glitter shorts with a cheeky cut back. It is super soft and you can even wear the top for a night out! (whenever that may be)

My second favorite look is the Desert Sky Set. Not because its neon pink, but black of its V neckline & inched sides on the top and bottom. The adjustable straps are key for my cup size. Not a lot of pajama/loungewear sets have this feature. The cinched bottoms are also a fav because you can tighten your sides as much as you'd like for a cheekier look! Who doesn't love a cheekier look!

Lastly, one of the most comfy sets is the Midnight Reverie Pajama Short set. This navy blue set is flirty but a clean flirt if that makes sense. ;)

She covers a little more but also has super cute faux pockets which gives it a little hip sneak peek. Can you say sexy? There is also lace added to the sides of the top and bottom with a scalloped trim to give it more of a fashion look instead of just your boring basics.

Shop more looks on & use my coupon code: grlwithbangs20

for a special offer at checkout!

XO Stay safe & healthy!


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