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Never Go To Bed Angry With Your Lover

Going to bed angry after an argument does not solve anything. It's an easy way to escape and resolve your issues. I totally LIVE by this rule and to keep a healthy relationship you and your lover should too!

The first time I moved out of my parents and with my boyfriend at the time, my moms biggest advice was to "never go to bed angry." I never truly understood this and didn't take it so serioulsy until I learned first hand.

The easy way out of an argument is to just go to bed angry and not resolve the issue together. If you go to bed without resolving the issue with your partner the argument you’re having could even escalate into something bigger and put your relationship at risk!

I have been in situations where I would allow my pride and major stubbornness to get the best of me. "Why can't he apologize first, it's not my fault...." Anyone else do the same?

So you fall asleep, wake up the next day and all of the sudden this invisible wall is built between you two. It's super awkward and now you're wasting a beautiful day being angry at each other. At some point someone is going to have to break the wall down. Will it be you?

While we're snoozing, our brains work on organizing our experiences and placing them into our short and long-term memory, as well as old and new memories. Who wants to ever remember an argument and all the negative things in your relationship?

A study from the University of Michigan stated; "If you will hold on to the negative emotions longer than if you had stayed awake after the contention. Sleeping will only amplify the division felt between the two."

My biggest concern when arguing with someone is guilt. Life is way too short to argue and be angry at someone, especially the ones you love. What if something happens at night and your last memory of that person is the stupid little argument you had?

JB hates it when I wait until we fall asleep to talk about our feelings. However, confirmation has been very benefial for our relationship and we never go to bed angry. We make sure to kiss each other no matter how tired we are EVERY night and EVERY morning. We make sure to always say I love you even if its annoying a million times a day.

So all is all, save yourself the awkwardness and take the extra time to figure your issues out with your partner. Relationships are hard work and you both should put work into it if you want it to last. It's all worth it in the long run, trust me!


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