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How To Throw An Epic Divorce Party!

YES! I said it! A party for your divorce... It's the new bachelorette party but with absolutely no rules! Oh, you haven't heard of this before? Girl I got you! Follow these steps in order to throw the most epic divorce party. I promise, it's the best way to celebrate- thank you, NEXT!

1. Plan a weekend getaway with your closest friends OR in our case, sisters! The three of us decided to head to Palm Springs. The biggest places to have a bachelorette party- how ironic....

Every bride to be wanted to dance with the divorceè and take pictures with her. We were way cooler than the bachelorette parties...

2. Order decorations! Amazon had the perfect "Divorce party" decor for a great price with balloons, a banner, a sash and our favorite- signs! The signs had different sayings to hold for photo props. We actually held these signs all over Palm Springs all weekend long. We wanted to make sure everyone knows, "ding dong the dick is gone" and "she's free at last!" We got so many stares at dinner around families with children. Hopefully, those kids can't read yet.

I also ordered a headband that says "best year ever" for the divorceè to wear.


3. Window chalk your car! We decorated our car to Palm Springs with colorful cute window paint with our favorite sayings. "Just Married (married with an X on it) DIVORCED" "B*tch better have my money" "honk for freedom" (insert eggplant emoji here) "milf sitting here" (arrow pointed at her in the passenger seat) We also added cans coming out of the trunk of the car.

This was a fun way to grab attention and start the trip. We blasted every man hating song and break up song during our road trip. You must add to your playlist, "Survivor" by Destiny's Child.

A lot of people at our hotel saw our car on the freeway and knew us as the "divorce party" crew and wanted to hang out with us. Yes, we are that fun & cool...

4. Plan a dinner and wear all black in your most sexiest outfits. Think of it as a really sexy funeral ;) Don't forget to take your sings with you and have your divorceè wear her sash and headband.

5. Dance the night away..

And that she did! A little twerking here and there didn't hurt anybody.

Why a divorce party? Life is way too short to not be "happy." A divorce party is a celebration of the next chapter in your life. Taking out the trash and ready to focus on your own happiness and do you! From the queen Lizzo herself "Trust hurts I need something more exciting..." (aka she means a divorce party)

We wanted to embrace the fact that everything happens for a reason and something much- much better is to come her way. This divorce party was a way to get our sisters confidence back up and finally mentally let him go. This party really lifted her up and helped her realize that so many people love her and it's OKAY to be divorced. KNOW your worth ladies!


A special thanks to the 97.1 Amp Radio Hype Bro's for crashing our party! We highly recommend the Hype Bro's to host or crash your party. They definitely brought the hype and we were lucky enough to have our very own security guards all night long.

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Awesome job Autumn Marie and Cambria congratulations 🎊 to Sabrina Starr Rodriguez

First time I see your blog I just signed up now I have so much to read


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