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How To: Prep Your Skin To Be Wedding Ready!

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Let's all be real, we want to look our best on the big day! Let's start with the one of the most important features, our face.

To all my brides to be, you've made it through the fun part of your engagement. It's now time to start a wedding beauty regiment together! It is now the perfect excuse for a makeover (even if you are not a future bride) so that you can have the best hair, skin, and nails of your life as you make your way down the aisle.

Jb and I are obsessed with self care. We love getting our teeth whittened, going to the gym together, doing face mask together before bed... BUT now we have been introduced to the amazing Hydrafacial treatment with amazing team at CosmetiCare.

We are about eight months out to our big wedding day in Mexico where it is beyond humid.

Which means, oily skin could be in affect...

We are now starting our wedding beauty regiment and I highly recommend this to all future brides and even grooms! Do these activities together, it helps relieve the stress from wedding planning and you can even make a date out of it!

CosmetiCare is our go-to Medispa to get all of our wedding prep needs. We trust their super sweet and certified team to prep us to be flawless when saying our, "I Do's"

They have many non-surgical and surgical treatments for almost everything.

We had the pleasure of working with Sarah who has been an R.N, specializes in injectables, laser various skin treatments for over 12 years! This was Jb's first facial ever. He was extremely excited.

(click to visit more on CosmetiCare website)

You have to be careful at other places as they are imposters and say they have the Hydrafacial treatment but they call it Hydrofacial, Hydra Spa or Hydra Facial. THIS is NOT an actual HYDRAFACIAL!

This photo is after my treatment that took a little under an hr long.


The first step was something that was very new to me and I was a little scared. Dermaplaning is where my entire face was shaved! Ladies, I highly recommend this as we actually have so much hair on our face it's crazy and your makeup will now apply smoother than before. I was nervous because I thought your hair would grow back thicker, however that is a myth!

Here are more details about the Facial treatment straight from CostmetiCares website:

One of our favorite parts was the High Frequency tool. The tool kills off any bacteria. It was really cool!

YES, this is all the gunk that as in Jb's face. We both had about the same amount. Can you believe that was in our face? I mean EW!!!! This makes me so grossed out I actually almost vomited.

Thank you Sarah and the CosmetiCare team for prepping our skin for our special day to come! Check out our faces we are glowing!!! #Groomglow

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