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How I Asked- Creative Bridesmaid boxes

I always knew who would be my Maid of Honor and bridesmaids. They have all played such an important role in my life. To me, a bridesmaid is someone who is there for you no matter what. They make time for you and support you through thick and thin. They will stand by me on the most important day of my life that I will forever cherish!

My mom & older sister gave me the best advice, "make sure you know who has really been there for you & will be there for you the rest of your life. Not someone who you only knew a year or two but someone who has always played a positive role in your life and will stand by your side on your most important day."

Since we were planning a destination wedding in under 11 months, I wanted to make it official as soon as possible to get the ball rollin! Also, because I was just so excited to start a group text and plan. I narrowed it down to the most important six girls in my life- who I know will always be there for me even after my wedding. Because my bridesmaids are so special to me, they deserved more than just a text or phone call. I wanted to get creative for this special moment and add some major essentials that they can use everyday... And also be reminded that they are my bridesmaid ;)



I dreamt of asking my best friend for the past three years. I knew without a doubt she would be my Maid of Honor.

I wanted her box to stand out the most. I found a rose gold white box from Amazon as well as a Maid of Honor Survival bag filled with goodies inside. I mean.... she is going to need it!

I found some delicious strawberry champaign luxurious chocolates from one of my trips to Palm Springs. Every girl needs chocolate- especially when you're in full wedding planning mode. I was beyond excited that I found the amazing Lauren Mackenzie Decal starbucks cups on Etsy. She has hot & iced coffee cup options. Lauren (@laurenmackenziedecals) and I partnered together to create custom made cups for my bridal party. I found some quotes that fit each girl and edited them on photoshop to make them more of my own and taped them to the box so it was one of the first things they saw. Lastly, I wanted to add something from the heart. I stopped by Alex & Ani during a shopping trip to Irvine Spectrum. They have a bridal party collection but I turned to a different bracelet for my MOH which was a guardian angel. I wrote a personalized note on the back of the bracelet to remind her how special she is to me.


My MOH is very dedicated to her church. On Friday nights, they have a young adult group that gets together that she is very involved with. I knew I had to ask her at church soooo I found her pasters instagram (lol) and slid in his DM's. The gold ol' millennial way. He was on board with surprising her and asking her to my MOH in front of everyone & it was a success.




Each bridesmaid boxes include a @laurenmackenziedecals personalized starbucks cup with an Alex and Ani bracelet from their bridal collection. The bracelet comes in gold and silver and features a lace-inspired design with the phrase 'Sister of my heart' centered around a Swarovski crystal, and the word 'bridesmaid' etched on the back. I found the simple brown rustic box at Michaels craft store along with stuffing paper. I also added their name on each box with silver glitter sticker letters from Michaels craft store. (not pictured)

Now, let's get this bridal shower and bachelorette planning started!!!


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