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2018, You were one of the best & hardest year yet. I rarely get personal on social media, but I think this is the perfect time to reflect on some major highlights of the year.

January, Jb finally finished his academy and started his career after the most intense 8 months of our lives. His career has definitely changed our lives and the way we live. Being in law enforcement, it has helped us grow closer to one another and to always appreciate one another.

Feb , I had an amazing dinner with my two parents talking about life and how life is too short. About two hours later, I almost lost my father to a car accident. This was one of the hardest times of my life. I will never forget when the doctor walked into the hospital room and told my dad and I (with no other family members around) that they found an aneurysm in his aorta along with three/four fractured ribs and that he needs to see the heart surgeon asap. I had no idea what to do or say to my father as we both just sat there in shock. Thank g*d the doctor came back after an hr and said his aneurysm did not need urgent open heart surgery but to closely watch over it throughout the years and to take care of his health. If it wasn't for the accident, the drs would have probably never have found it.

March & April, we celebrated many birthday's including mine.

Jb & I were able to finally go back on vacation as we weren't able to for a while due to his career.

May & June, Jb & I headed to Catalina and Tulum for work and a getaway! At this point, I had over fifty of my fashion designs in different retail stores.

July, JB & I went back to Tulum Mexico for work and a little getaway. My mother had knee surgery and my grandpa was admitted to the hospital twice due to multiple health reasons. My car was hit my a drunk driver (I was not in the vehicle) and it was basically totaled. Also, my little sister moved all the way to Hawaii :(

August, Jb & I celebrated our three year anniversary! We went to Las Vegas and Palm Spings. My oldest nephew started kindergarden. Jb started working night shifts which meant that we wouldn't see each other due to our work schedules- but we made it work and made sure we set time aside for each other.

September, My dad was finally feeling a better from his car accident.

October, I officially owned one of my dream sports car.

November, my social media following on instagram hit 100k followers after 4.5 years of creating content.

December, my family was finally all together under one roof, healthy and happy as I took them all on a family trip to celebrate the holidays. I rented a cabin in Big Bear and of course wore some sequins for the holiday celebration!

My family and I spent Christmas Day about two hours away in Big Bear, California. It was beyond magical as it snowed! This was the first time i've ever seen snow fall!

I wore my Yandy tassel sequin dress and stepped outside to see my first white Christmas. This dress was perfect to wear around my family for the holiday. I paired it with thigh high boots and when we went outside a black trench coat to stay warm.

As I prepare to leave 2018, I have to do it in the most fabulous way- wearing sequins of course. The Lara wrap me in sequins dress, is the perfect dress for our NYE festivities with friends. I paired her with the same thigh high boots and a black hat as we will be mostly outdoors celebrating. If you are indoors, I highly suggest wearing strappy open toe gold heels! Get your NYE outfit now at and you can even get some cute sleepwear sets while you are at it!

To close this last blog post of the year, remember everyone is going through a struggle whatever it may be and always say, "I Love You" to your loved ones no matter what. Also, everything happens for a reason!

XOXO Happy New Year!!!

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Great inspiration! Hope 2019 is full of surprises 💖

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