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Fall Fashion X Bishop + Young


Collared Long Sleeve Romper

Over the weekend, I traveled to Washington D.C. to visit multiple congressmen for a huge interview about the President. Just kidding.... I was visiting my little sister as she has been interning at the Capital of The United States.  This was also a trip with out my #JandAgoonvacay and I felt a little naked with out my PIC.

However, I was eager to see Americas History!  I was even more excited to finally wear knee high boots and cosy outfits. California has been way too hot this Fall season, so I was beyond happy to pack my boots.

My go-to Fall wardrobe is from one of my favorite contemporary brands Bishop + Young. The brand is targeted to the chic fast-paced women on the go. Hellloooo! That's me! Even better, it's affordable! The brand is based in Los Angeles so I brought a little So-Cal with me to D.C.

Again, always on the GO! I actually took this picture at 7am with my fifteen year old brother. I told him he has to be my JB for the weekend. We stayed at a really cute AirBNB conveniently located on top of a Whole Foods Market and Coffee shop. If you know me, you know I have a bad coffee addiction. 

We woke up way too early to visit The White House that day. I wanted to wear a simple yet sophisticated outfit (because who knows who you'll run into at the White House!)  This collared long sleeve rustic romper was the perfect fit. My favorite part of this style is that it's long sleeve so I wasn't too cold or hot. I could easily dress this romper up or down. I first paired her with white booties and a long white blazer. She has an open back so a lace bra was a must! 

All I packed was skirts, so thank goodness I had this romper because after we toured The White House we decided to rent bicycles! I packed extra sandals in my bag & a denim jacket to dress down.  We rode around the Lincoln Monument, Jefferson Memorial, MLK Monument & around the reflecting pool. This was my favorite part of the whole trip! If you are ever in D.C. I highly recommend renting bikes! 

Sienna Peekabo Top & Tweed Mini Skirt From Bishop + Young

Bishop + Young has the perfect Tweed Mini skirt. You can dress the skirt for any season! The also have a matching top to pair with the mini. SCORE! My Fall wardrobe wasn't complete without a little tweed.

Vegan Leather Skirt

Our last day of the trip was almost 80 degrees! I originally had my B+Y rust Vegan Leather skirt paired with a chunky sweater.... But, I was not about to walk a million miles around town all sweaty.  Ladies, if you don't have a leather skirt for the season yet, I highly suggest this one! This skirt is a perfect color for the Fall holidays & weather... And did I mention its vegan! Also, it makes the booty look good.

Want to see more styles from Bishop + Young? "Click here"to follow them on Instagram now. 


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