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Everyday Romantic Gestures to Keep the Love Alive

I barley have time to do my hair for work, so how do I have time for romantic gestures, EVERYDAY?

My boyfriend and I work different schedules. We live together but we might not see each other for two days! However, I always want to remind my BF that he’s on my mind. I barley have time to do my hair for work, so how do I have time for romantic gestures, EVERYDAY? Sometimes the most meaningful gestures can be something so small. Find out how we keep the flame burning below:

I usually wake up early for work. I wake my BF up with tons of kisses all over his face and say, “good morning!” He usually goes back to sleep after but waking your partner up to kisses is the best way to wake up! OR, if you are really in the mood- there are other (sexual) things to do in order to wake your partner up. I love to write love notes around the house. I usually leave notes by the coffee pot so he sees it in the morning. Making the love notes funny or corny are so FUN! Don’t live together? Leave cute notes in their car or butt pant pockets.

While we are both at work, I like to send quick and random text messages like “I love you, can’t wait to come home.” It’s so easy to text someone these days and it literally takes two seconds out of your day to send something so sweet and meaningful. If he has time to check his social media, he has time to text you too!

Because I wake up earlier I get off of work earlier. I typically wait for my BF to get home to shower. We usually catch up with one other about our day while we are showering. Don’t like showering? Run a hot bubbly bath, light up some candles for both of you to relax together. You are also saving water for the environment. It’s a win-win!

To end the night we love to open up a bottle of wine and binge watch a TV show. There is nothing better than cuddling with a glass of wine and a TV show that you both enjoy! We watch The Bachelor. Yes, my BF loves The Bachelor- I am lucky I know! Sometimes we bust out some lotion and give each other a foot or back rub while we watch TV. Now ladies, you have to remember not only you had a long day but so did he. Giving your partner a back massage is a selfless act that will satisfy your partner and who knows where the massage can lead you to. (if you know what I mean)

Do you want to score those extra brownie points with your partner? Try these everyday little romantic gestures to spice things up!


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