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Couples Who Floss Together Stay Together

Let's talk hygiene! Monkeys, birds, moose, even elephants…  They all smooch! 


Let's talk hygiene! Monkeys, birds, moose, even elephants…  They all smooch!  Bonobo monkeys even kiss with their mouths open, just like humans!  ​On average, we spend up to two weeks kissing in our lifetime. Jb & I probably spend about a year! ;) 

Even though you are swapping saliva or in some cases putting your tongue in someone else's mouth, there has to be something healthy about kissing, right?  The science of kissing actually has a name: philematology. Who knew!?  Research on the subject from the American Association for the Advancement of Science hints at what I already believe. In several different ways, kissing is good for both of you!

BUT what if your significant other has a horrible hygiene, bad breath, or yellow teeth? EW!  

When living with someone for a long period you most likely share dental habits. If you neglect your teeth and gums, your partner is also most likely to have a similar disregard for dental health.

Meet the new trendy healthy floss Cocofloss! (Also known as the loofah floss)

So you travel a lot with your bae, your boo has a bad dental habit, you never visit the dentist, your lover has bad breathe, or better yet- you are vegan & LOVE all natural made products!

Let me introduce to you, your new best friend! She is easy to travel with, smells super delicious with tropical flavors, tastes scrumptious & is the best part is- she is vegan friendly with a coconut oil base.

Jb & I are obsessed with taking care of our teeth. As a vegan & someone who sees the dentist every six months, we were so excited to partner with @GetCocofloss! Before Cocofloss Jb never really flossed his teeth.... I know gross. Our experience with the new trendy floss has changed the game.   Since we travel a lot, Cocofloss is the perfect floss for being always being on the go. We even have its own spot in our suitcase now!

The floss are infused with microcrystalline wax, coconut oil, fruit oils, and fragrances. We have all four flavors and it's hard to choose just one favorite! I LOVE them all! My two favs are Pure StrawberryCara Cara Orange!

Click here to start a new healthy habit together & shop Cocofloss for you & your boo!

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