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Couples Halloween Costumes

Guys! Want brownie points from your GF? Wear a couples costume with her on Halloween!

There is nothing more fun than pretending to be someone else for one night. Especially, if your partner is doing it with you! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. You can dress up however you want to! I LOVE looking at couples halloween costume ideas.

This year our go to place to find the perfect costume was online at YANDY.

From sexy to cute, they had everything! They even sold couples costumes which made it really easy for us to find.

JB really wanted us to be ringleaders. He loved the coat! You can use code GRLWITHBANGS for 20% off your purchase! So start browsing away online at

for the perfect halloween costume for you & your bae.

Don't forget to also check out their new blog with tons of love advise, man talk and even fashion trends! Click here for more details.

XO, Have fun!


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