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Clean Balls, Healthy Lasting Relationship

Yes, I said Balls. Yes, like your bae's ball sack.... There is nothing sexier than a man that has amazeballs hygiene. Am I right ladies?

Ladies, I know.. It's such a struggle to get your man a gift. If its either his birthday, Christmas, anniversary or my favorite- Valentine's Day. Every year I feel like it gets harder and harder! Why get him a gift when you can get him a gift that benefits the both of you? I was so excited to learn about this new trendy and clever company.

So go NUTS!!!! Let’s all meet the answer to our prayers, meet Ballwash. Yes, I said Balls. You know, his privates, sack, nuts... Those ones.

Whats sexier than a man that has perfect hygiene or better than that- hygiene that smells amazeballs!

Jb and I shower together A LOT. Due to our crazy schedules, it's one of our only times together. We typically catch up on our days with one another as we scrubs each others back.

I knew that after finding out about Ballwash, that this would be the perfect Valentine's Day gift.

The Sack Pack includes a "winning trifecta" of men's products specifically aimed to take care of his (and yours) most prized possessions. The Sack Pack has everything he needs to keep his hygiene ready for anything in the sack with you. The Sack Pack comes with Ballwash, a natural nut, butt and body wash with activated charcoal, Nut Rub a solid cologne he can use anywhere on his body and lastly my favorite, Sack Spray for when he needs a quick and easy freshen up.

The Sack Spray is my favorite because of its refreshing pH balanced blast smells so good for the balls & body. It easy to use when he gets off of work and we are headed out for a quick date night. No shower needed.

The Nut Rub is very compatible for him to take and fit anywhere. So there is no excuse for bad odor. They have a couple of different natural solid scents available.

The Ballwash company uses natural ingredients like essential oils! They use plant extracts, they are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and made here in the USA!

WARNING! You will not be able to keep your hands to yourself once your man uses @BALLWASH

I was excited to give Jb his Valentine's Day gift early this year. He LOVED it! He laughed at first but then couldn't wait to use it. We immediately took a shower together and the scent was too good to not join him. I couldn't help it!

What are you waiting for, live #liveballsout this holiday ;) I promise you'll both enjoy your Valentine's Day together...

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