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Best Beauty Secret For Traveling Somewhere Tropical

I swam, I rode on a speed boat and I even snorkeled without my face falling apart

You are going to thank me later for this one....

I wore false lashes almost everyday since I was a sophomore in high school.  I always contemplated on getting fake lashes. I heard so many mix reviews that its expensive, they ruin your real lashes or they will just fall right out. I always felt comfortable with huge lashes and a lot of mascara. I wouldn't step out of my house without lashes or mascara on. I even wore lashes to the river! Yes, the river. I remember one time I was riding a Jet Ski and my lashes flew right off. (I wore my sunglasses the rest of the day)

I knew traveling to the Bahamas I was going to be in the water a lot. I didn't know what to do. I wanted to actually swim and not worry about my lashes falling off. 

A week before our trip an angel approached me. This angels name is Cindy. Cindy is a lash natural beauty expert.

 She introduced me to LASH LIFT.  Why haven't I heard of this!

"This service places a silicone pad over your eyelid. Gently wrapping your lashes onto the pad with a gentle adhesive. Within 45 to 60 minutes, your eyelashes are semi-permanently curled up. This service lasts anywhere from 4-6 weeks." (Pop Lash Beauty Bar)

Cindy was so sweet & very professional. She worked a miracle on my lashes in under 60 min. 

Before and after lash lift-

 I swam, I rode on a speed boat and I even snorkeled without my face falling apart. I barley had to worry about mascara or doing my makeup. The best part about getting a Lash Lift is that they are your own natural lashes!  It is week three and my lashes are still super curly! Good riddance cheap falsies!


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