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Are You And Your Partner TOO Cheesy?

Admit it, all couples do the same corny things in order to show their affection for each other. Does your partner like it? Is it the "cool" thing to do?

My boyfriend and I get made fun of so much for being super corny. However, every twenty-something-year-old couple secretly wants to be just as cheesy – it makes the relationship much happier! Being corny with each other takes a certain amount of bravery. Ladies, if your man is corny he is confident. And we all know confidence is sexy! Here are five corny things all couples do. Let’s see if you and your significant other do the same.

1. Constant Bragging

I am so guilty of this one! I mean, is it that corny that I tell my girlfriends how amazing my BF is all the time? If you are like me, you probably even talk about your partner’s awesomeness while he is present. You’re with them all the time so it’s also easy to brag and talk so much about them. P.S. – My boyfriend is amazing! He made me a huge breakfast before I took off on a work trip.

2. Hashtag Posts – MCM & WCW

Ever used #MCM or #WCW? I know have! One of the corny things all couples do is show their affection via an Instagram post. I even know a couple that does this EVERY Wednesday! Yes, every week! It’s definitely super cute when your BF does this for the first time and it also makes you feel good. But if you’re a single onlooker, it seems super cheesy!

3. Matching Outfits

This always happens to me, especially when we go to the gym. We are that couple that matches while we work out together. I think it’s super cute when you match with your boo. It’s perfect when you take a selfie together too! Gotta have that Insta-worthy shot!

4. Calling Each Other Mushy Nicknames

My boyfriend and I mainly just all each other babe. However, I do have a nickname in my phone for him. I think it’s super cute when your other half gives you a nickname that just he or she calls you. Unless it’s something really embarrassing and they call you that in public. Bottom line, one of the corny things all couples do often is refer to each other by mushy nicknames.

5. Feeding Each Other

I am not a fan of this one. I like to feed myself. I don’t think it’s cute when you open your mouth and have your BF shove food in it. Maybe on our wedding day when we slice the cake. Otherwise, no thank you! But we still see this all the time. A couple will be cuddled up on the same side of the booth feeding each other their meals. It may not be great to watch, but it’s still one of the corny things all couples do.

Being corny with your lover is so much fun! I am sure all of us have done something corny in the past. We do stupid and embarrassing things when we are in love. So stay corny guys, girls will eat it up!


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