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A Secret Island Getaway

Want to feel like you are on your own private island with no body else on it?

Want to feel like you are on your own private island with no body else on it? Visit Staniel Cay, Bahamas. Staniel Cay is one out of the 365 cays in the Exumas that consist of only about 100 residents. From LAX we had to take three planes. I have no idea how we did it. Thank goodness I can curl up in a ball on JB's lab and knock out.

To get to Staniel Cay, you have to fly Flamingo Air which is the only airline to Staniel Cay. It is a small 8 passenger plane! Crazy right?

Embrace Resort, Staniel Cay

Where to Stay: There are two places to stay on the island. Embrace Resort and The Staniel Cay Yacht Club. There are also a couple of Airbnbs but not much. We stayed at the cutest Eco Friendly Resort with a total of seven villas. Embrace Resort is family owned by Nikki and her daughter. The resort is located right next to the small airport which is very convenient. Embrace recently opened in late 2016 and is still under construction as they are opening their own upscale restaurant and luxury pool with cabanas!

Each villa feels big enough to be your own apartment! With your own fridge, microwave, coffee maker, comfy bed, huge bathroom, spacious shower & your own private dock. Embrace also offers a golf cart and bike rentals. We used a golf cart during our entire trip. It is so east to commute around the island. You can also walk to any destination without walking too far.

featuring head to toe outfit- River Island

What to pack: When traveling to the Bahamas we surprisingly only packed one small suitcase for a total of five days! My secret, no shoes!!! Who needs shoes when you are walking on sand all day long? I had one pair for the plane rides other than that I lived in bikini's and barefoot. Definitely pack sunscreen as there is no sun like the Bahamas. Jb & I got burnt our first day. We weren't even in the sun that long. However, I am not complaining- we got some GOOD color!

What to Eat: Being a vegetarian I was a little worries about the food on the island. I did some research and there was only one restaurant on the whole island, "The Yacht Club." There is two local markets that sell water, fruit and some dry food but thats about it. We ate at the Yacht club almost every day. It was our go to place to eat. Super romantic at night and a great view for brunch. For dinner you must make reservations the day of and pick your meal out in advance. IF you are a vegetarian no worries there is some great veggie options! Staneil Cay Yacht Club also has a bar. The only bar on the island. If you ever go there ask for David he is so sweet to talk to and really gets to know the visitors. We had so many Pina coladas here I can't even count. We even had a peanut colada (don't ask just try!)

What to do: Oh my gosh, where do I begin! There is so much adventure seeking and things to do in the surrounding islands.

Embrace Resort reserved a private boat tour with Unlce Steve. Everyone knows Steve on the island and Steve knows everything about the Exumas! He took us on a 4 hour private boat tour to the most visited spouts around Staniel Cay. We went to four different islands. Iguana island, Compass Cay to swim with the Nurse Sharks, Pig Island, Underwater Plane Wreck & James Bonds Thunderball Grotto. There are also about three private beaches on the island! Jb & I were also the only ones on the beaches. Our favorite one was Pirate beach!

featuring- Tilly's


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