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8 Wanderlust Things To Do In Page, Arizona

More to do than just see horseshoe bend!

horseshoe bend
  • Drive to Page. Make it a road trip! The total trip took us from Long Beach, Ca to Page, AZ about nine hours. We had so much fun going through the little quirky towns.   

  • Take pictures of the beautiful Glen Canyon Damn which is the border line of Utah and Arizona. It is the most gorgeous damn I’ve ever seen! It is also the beginning of horseshoe bend!

  • Visit Horseshoe bend! Be ready to hike and wear comfy shoes. When you park at the bottom of the hill, you have to walk about two miles to get to your destination.   Be careful taking selfies on the edge of the cliff as it is also very easy to fall!

lower antelope canyon

  • Get tickets to Antelope Canyon! Antelope Canyon was beyond gorgeous.  We purchased tickets for “lower” Antelope Canyon.  (there is a lower and upper) Lower has a little more hiking involved and the cave is tighter.  Upper has light beams coming down and is wider.  I highly recommend the lower canyon.  You also have to pay for parking as you are entering the Navajo land.

lake Powell

  • Rent Kayaks and visit Lake Powell, UT. THIS was an experience for sure! We had to drive with a double kayak on top of my Ford Focus with just foam and strings holding it down. So sketchy! JB and I drove down to Lone Rock which is in Lake Powell. (you also have to pay a park fee to enter) We kayaked about three miles to our own private beach area with a backpack of nuts and beer! It was definitely worth the kayak and I got a good tan.

  • Eat at a whole in the wall Mexican restaurant. Okay, there was nowhere to eat but fast food in Page, AZ. Jb and I are kind of health freaks. We took our chances and dinned in at this whole in the wall restaurant. Totally forgot what it was called but it was the only one in town! The nachos are totally worth trying.

  • Drive to the Grand Canyon! The Grand Canyon was about two hours away. We drove thru the canyon on the way home. (this made our drive  a total of 10hrs!) We had to pay ANOTHER park fee but it was totally worth it.  

  • If you are driving back to SoCal, make sure you drive thru Seligman, Ca where Route 66 first started! It is a super tiny town that is decorated with old cars, ice cream shop & Route 66 signs everywhere.  It’s a really empty/weird town. I was a little scared, but totally cool to check out.


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