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Planning on what to dress up as for Halloween is so fun! I always think about it wayyyy in advance & of course every year there is a new icon/character or meme! I love that my husband loves to dress up with me. Adding another person into the equation makes it even more fun to plan!

Even though 2020 Halloween is “cancelled” and we should be safe due to the pandemic, we can still dress up and take those cute photos for Instagram.

Soooo are you and your boo having trouble finding inspiration. Lucky for you, I have some of the cutest & cheesiest couple outfits and where to get them WITH a discount. It’s all here.

Every year, our go to site to buy #couplegoals Halloween costumes is of course It is truly a one stop shop with everything you need.

The pirate was an easy choice as I immediate thought about the location where my husband proposed to me. A castle in Laguna beach that looks like a pirate tower. Both costumes had so much accessories that made the whole costumes look even more like a real pirate. The women’s outfit was sexy with a short high-low skirt and leather top. I added some fishnets to give it some extra sexy spice. Jb added an eye patch to his and a sward to complete the whole look

Okay not going to lie, I have definitely been pebbles before for Halloween BUT without a man to be my other half. Doing Fred and Vilma definitely gave us all the Bedrock vibes. I love that the costume came with a pearl necklace too! Wig or no wig, just add a high pony or bun and you are good to go!

It’s such an easy look and a lot of less clothing! (which could be cute if you are going for a sexier look!)

His Fred look was so comfy, it was a one piece like a pajama set! I promise no complaining from your man all night!

This year, we wanted to try something scary. I have never dressed “scary” before as I am such a scary cat when it comes to blood and gory things. The wig sold me on this one. I loved the pony wig and the dress was even cuter in person. It was short and puffy.

This is a great costume if you are going somewhere cold. I added face make up & tights to my look. Jb’s look was a big jumpsuit and a mask. He kept saying that the jumpsuit was super comfy. I suggest this look for something easy & quick to dress in and dress out of ;)

Whether you're getting dressed up this year or spending night in cuddled up with a glass of wine and your favorite movies, Yandy is your go to shop. They also have loungewear that you can wear all year long and not just on Halloween- Even for my singles out there!

Discount code GRLWITHBANGS for 20% your entire order.


Links to my outfits :


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